Alternative art spaces flourished in the late 20th century, seeding the growth of multidisciplinary practices that radically changed not only art, but the ideas and structures that support it. Built from the ground up by diverse communities, artist-run spaces and projects are fertile areas for investigations of new forms, technologies, and concepts. Drawing from this history and spirit while looking to the future, TOGETHER is an experimental, multi-format platform that encourages equitable modes of making and thinking beyond the traditional art market. This project serves as a sort of rehearsal, a map, for other independent initiatives to learn from and expand upon.

TOGETHER will host its inaugural edition November 29 – December 5, 2021 during Miami Art Week, at the Seven Seas Motel, in the historic corridor of Biscayne Boulevard.

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Neither an art fair nor an art exhibition, TOGETHER is a breeding ground for creative innovation among organizations who work beyond the limits of sociopolitical contexts and logistical constraints. TOGETHER highlights the most exciting non-profit initiatives, alternative institutions, hybrid spaces, artists’ collectives and unconventional enterprises devoted to a boundless artistic practice. For its inaugural edition, TOGETHER will center its gaze on Latin America.


TOGETHER aims to break with convention and introduce a new, more accessible format which anyone can interact with, discuss, and purchase art from. It seeks to cultivate economic sustainability in the arts by rejecting exclusivity, championing innovation and originality, and implementing expenses and revenue sharing models among participating artists, institutions, and collectives.

Our mission is to decentralize the art market, allowing for new, experimental models to emerge across the world, and expanding access to the culture industry’s resources. As part of this mission, TOGETHER has launched its own cryptocurrency, $TGTHR, and is releasing NFTs by a selection of artists.


Founder & Artistic Director
Direlia Lazo

Team Envision
Violeta Mansilla
Loló Bonfanti
Nicole Martínez
Celina Pérez Blanco
Ananda Morera

Particula (Priscila Clementti Collado)

Gabina (Federico Mirano)

Marketing & Communications
Claudia Ballart

Ananda Morera, AT Producciones
Kenia Salas Laborde, Program Coordinator

Music Production
Anthony Hall, Open Source Production

Spatial Design for TOGETHER’s Lounge
India Sherman


TOGETHER is proud to collaborate with a curated group of partners for this inaugural edition.